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How AWS is helping enterprise apps safely migrate to the Cloud

AWS is helping enterprise apps safely migrate to the cloud with a unique blend of management tools and services that parallels on-premise resources along with services to join on-premise and cloud seamlessly. The cloud has been empowering new platform businesses like AirBnB and Uber to innovate beyond their industry counterparts. Many legacy enterprise business applications…

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M2M and IoT is Changing How We Look at E-Commerce

Machine to Machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) is already starting to change ecommerce as everything from inventory to delivery trucks are being equipped with sensors that collect and share data via the internet. As Gartner reported in November 2015, “6.4 billion connected “Things” will be in use in 2016.” That’s a…

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Surviving the MVP: The “Drupal/Joomla/Django/Spree /WordPress/Magento/Build it from Scratch” debate

Every once in awhile I hear people arguing about what is the best platform and programming language to build their Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to bring their idea to market. They wonder what they should use, “Magento vs. Spree vs. WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla vs Django vs Custom code and/or any number of frameworks…

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How To Get Google+ Authorship to Promote Your WordPress Posts

Getting Authorship is an excellent way for your helpful blog posts to stand out and get noticed by registering your authoring email with Google+.  It’s a great way to show your audience you stand behind your posts by putting your photo right next to your content when it shows up in search engine results. It…

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4 Questions to Ask When Connecting with Your Readers

Connecting with your readers is very important. When I first started writing these blog posts, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. I wrote so many versions of my blog posts, trying to get it right. But I knew something was missing … it was the vital “connection to the reader” that I just…

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3 Steps to Get Your Readers To Take Action

Bottom line: You want website users to take action when they visit your website. Maybe you want them to buy something, call you for a price quote, share your skills and/or make them aware of some information you want to share. How do you even begin to accomplish this ? Well, there’s an easy three…

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The Secret to Efficiently Communicating with Readers

Yes, There is a right way and wrong way to communicate with your audience. For starters, you want to know exactly who you targeting your message towards and appeal to their interests. Somewhere along the line you probably decided that you wanted to build this business or web application because of a need you saw. …

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5 Steps to Turn Your Website Idea Into a Business Reality

It’s time to turn that website idea of yours into a business reality. Here we are going to talk about taking that first step. There’s a saying that our thoughts become our reality. Well, I’m a firm believer in this type of thinking.  Why? I believe that if you have the ability to imagine something…

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