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Digital Supply Chain: Bringing Sustainability To The Fashion World – A Chat With Queen of Raw’s Stephanie Benedetto and Phil Derasmo

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Queen of Raw CEO and CTO at SVC: Turning Pollution into Profit in the $1 Trillion Textiles Market using Queen of Raw’s Materia MX


Designing our Software, Materia MX, To Drive Sustainable and Profitable Business


LVMH x Queen of Raw

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SAP x Queen of Raw Materia MX: Pushing through limits with Women’s Tennis Association, Queen of Raw & Honeywell


Meet Queen Of Raw, The Blockchain-Powered Marketplace Turning Textile Deadstock Into Dollars with Their Software, Materia MX


Queen of Raw – How Can Blockchain Tech Bring Sustainability & Transparency to the Apparel Industry?


S/4HANA helps Queen of Raw improve textile sustainability | TechTarget

How AWS is helping enterprise apps safely migrate to the Cloud

AWS is helping enterprise apps safely migrate to the cloud with a unique blend of management tools and services that parallels on-premise resources along with services to join on-premise and cloud seamlessly. The cloud has been empowering new platform businesses like AirBnB and Uber to innovate beyond their industry counterparts. Many legacy enterprise business applications…

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scale and performance ecommerce

How to Build A Faster Scalable ECommerce Site

Knowing how to build a fast scalable architecture that supports your ecommerce is as important as the products and content that you host. How you build your ecommerce site is important to your online business success. You want your capacity to grow with your business, You want to be fast. You want to convert customers…

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M2M and IoT is Changing How We Look at E-Commerce

Machine to Machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) is already starting to change ecommerce as everything from inventory to delivery trucks are being equipped with sensors that collect and share data via the internet. As Gartner reported in November 2015, “6.4 billion connected “Things” will be in use in 2016.” That’s a…

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