3 Steps to Get Your Readers To Take Action

Bottom line: You want website users to take action when they visit your website. Maybe you want them to buy something, call you for a price quote, share your skills and/or make them aware of some information you want to share.

How do you even begin to accomplish this ? Well, there’s an easy three step process you can follow to have them take action.

Step 1: Clearly communicate what it is that you are trying to accomplish on your site.

Make sure you outline all the steps that you want the viewer to take and give them the clear message to accomplish what it is you are looking for them to accomplish on your website. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if your directions and navigation on your website are clear.

Step 2: Communicate with them on their terms and consider their attention level:

In order for you to get your reader to take action you first need to consider the mindset of your customer when they visit your site. so consider these two very different types of readers and their expectations:

Corporate Executive between meetings:


Use cool relaxing colors like a business-like blue or a classy looking solid black color.  Summarize the information for them and develop the navigation so they can get the highlights now and click on links for more information when they has more time.

Don’t force them to view a long video or listen to a large audio file to find out what they are looking for.

Do offer enough information so they will want to come back and learn more about you and your website.

Do allow them to click on a link for more detailed information.


Student browsing website for the evening to learn:


This person is looking to learn from you and others, show them you are the expert.

Remember what it was like to learn what you are teaching.

Create a layout that easily provides answers to their questions. And provides them with additional resources to grow and learn more on your site and from other sites.

They are looking for you to lead them in the right direction.

Don’t be over protective of the answers! Consistently give your readers what they came for and they will be sure to come back to you for more.

Step 3: Get feedback from your peers to make sure your message is coming across clearly to everyone

Have you ever written something and proofread it a dozen times only to think it looked perfect even though a word or two was missing from a sentence or two? That’s because you know exactly what you were trying to say. No matter how many times you read the sentences with the missing words you will fill in the missing words in your head because YOU know what you were trying to say. Find someone else to take a fresh look at it and tell you what they see and hear when looking at your site. Ask them about what message they got and what do they think you were trying to get them to do on the site. Also ask them if it was easy to navigate the site.

Follow the above 3 steps and you will be sure to get the reaction from your viewers that you are looking for.

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Posted on March 12, 2012 in my blog

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